20 February 2018,Tuesday

All who look to him will be radiant. Their faces will never be covered with shame.
(Psalms 34:5. )
Today's Readings
Saint of the day
  St. Wulfric,

16 February 2018,Friday

Share your food with the hungry, take the poor and homeless into your house, and cover them with clothes when you see them naked. Don’t refuse to help your relatives.
(Isaiah 58:7)
Today's Readings
Isaiah 58:1-9.
Psalms 51:3-4.5-6ab.18-19.
Matthew 9:14-15. 
Saint of the day
 St. Daniel,

Ash Wednesday 2018

Tear your hearts, not your clothes. Return to the Lord your God.
(Joel 2:13)Today's Readings

Ash Wednesday 2015 -
Lent reflections
Rev.Fr. Gihan Gunathilaka - Sri Lanka